Vorlesungs- und Lehrendenverzeichnis

SoSe 2016

Angeleitetes Selbststudium: Critical excursions. Exploring museums in Berlin

Magdalena Marszalek

What do we perceive as a good museum? Which role did/ do history museums play in our societies? Are memorial sites (also) museums? In which ways do museums represent Gender, Race and Class? In how far are national narratives reflected in museums? What are differences and similarities of exhibitions worldwide?
Depending on the interests and experiences of the participants, the seminar will address those and other questions. Through excursions, to established as well as to rather un-known museums, an insight into Berlins heterogeneous museum scene will be gained. The participants prepare the excursions and evaluate them afterwards. As an outcome of the seminar different approaches to museum conceptions (e.g. regarding the educational programme or the didactics of the exhibition) will be discussed and compared.
The seminar will take place on Fridays. After three sessions at the University of Potsdam (15.04./22.04./29.04. from 10:15-11:45), excursions to museums in Berlin take place on the following dates from 10:00-13:00: 13.05./27.05./10.06./24.06./08.07./15.07.2016.
This seminar is compulsory for future participants of the DAAD/ISAP-exchange with the University of Haifa/ Israel.

Studieng├Ąnge und Module

MT J├╝dische Studien 2012
Angeleitetes Selbststudium, J├╝dische Literatur, Kultur und Musik (Wahlpflichtbereich)


Universität Potsdam
Philosophische Fakultät
Am Neuen Palais 10
14469 Potsdam